My Little Pony Cake for a Special Number One Team Member

Not every cake that we make turns out great without some problems.  Take the My Little Pony cake we made for our friend, Mia for example.  This was our first full sheet cake.  Did you know it takes SIX CAKE MIXES to make a full size sheet cake?  (That was not the problem though) We […]

Middletown Monthly Magazine April 2014

Middletown Monthly Magazine Hi Friends,Some of you have asked me about the Middletown Monthly article I wrote.  This is the article.  The pictures we took of the magazine came out too blurry to really read it.  Thanks for your support of me and Livvy!  We have been praying that our articles will inspire others to […]

Why I Want To Build A Hospital In The Congo

Here is a recent report that I did on Africa: Africa is a world of poverty and we do not even realize it. As we moan over cleaning our large houses, many of the French-speaking people of Africa would cry tears of joy for having a real house to clean. Not only are the people […]

Let’s Have a PARTY!!

Hey Everybody,Livvy and I are almost to 13%!  (We just need $68)  We have set a goal to have a party when we hit 15%.  If those of you that have said you want to be number 1 team members could donate before New Year’s Eve, we would be OVER 15%!   If any of […]

Livvy’s Letter to Phil Wickham

Hey everybody,Livvy and I have a list of people to write to.  Livvy already wrote a letter to Phil Wickham but we don’t know how to get it to him.  If anyone has any ideas, please tell us.  We tried to put it in a Facebook message but we didn’t hear back from him.  My […]