Why Water

We are now really moving along on our Water: We Doing To Help Project!  We have started to speak to groups of students and some of them seem to be catching the vision that they can do at least 1 thing to help!  Our Water Bottle Change Challenge is going to be continuing until February […]

Going to see the hospital in REAL LIFE!

Here we go!  It looks like it is going to be a long flight! It has been about a month since we posted anything because life has been pretty busy!  We are so thankful that we got to go to Nyankunde in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Samaritan’s Purse for the dedication of the […]


One of the hardest secrets we have ever had to keep  was that we were going to get to go to the Congo to see the hospital!  We found out about this two months ago, and we had to go get a gazillion shots to get ready for it.  This was on the day before […]

Happy New Year! Here’s a little update

Livvy and I would like to say, “Thank You” to everyone for helping us last year!  As we think about everything that happened last year it is so amazing it almost feels like a dream!  At this time last year, we had raised 16% of the money to build the hospital in the Democratic Republic […]

Come to Chick-fil-a to Help Us Build the Hospital

You will need to show this on your phone or whatever, so that your food counts.  Whatever they make at Chick-fil-a in the Mall of St. Matthews that night will be donated to Samaritan’s Purse toward the hospital!  PLEASE COME!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!  And, if you WEAR GREEN (or an ugly Christmas sweater), I will […]

OH MY GOSH! We Just Hit 10%!!!!

Last night one of my mom’s friends told us that she is planning a spaghetti dinner and that she already had everything including the decorations for a fund raiser! So last night we prayed that we would find a place to hold it and that it would go well. My dad and Livvy and I […]

It Was A Three WOW Day!

I know I already blogged about how cool yesterday was, but that was when the day was only half over and I had no idea that even more great stuff was going to happen yesterday!  So let me remind you about the first things…(see my post from yesterday).  Here’s a picture to remind you.   […]

Can Anybody Say, “WOW!?”

WOW! Ok, so what happened today was pretty cool and unexpected.  Today at church they showed the interview that we did with Matt McGuire.  Last night there weren’t that many kids but there was one kid that came right up and gave us a quarter.  That was actually pretty sweet.  So today when we went there […]

I Could Really Use Your Help!

I am wondering if any of you have any ideas on how to get people to donate and not just say “I love what your doing”. I am very grateful for all of the cake orders, but nobody is donating just to donate and I can’t make 3000 cakes. So how do I convince people […]

Trinity World Outreach Center

Livvy and I got to speak at Trinity World Outreach Center today.  We told the elementary age kids about our project.  This time Livvy did some of the talking and she did a great job.  We showed the kids how we tithe.  They were good listeners and I am hoping they will want to be […]