Join Our Prayer Team

We have a really exciting opportunity for anyone who would like to be part of The Number One Team…you can join our PRAYER TEAM!  As most of you already know, prayer is a huge thing to us!  There is no possible way we could have ever raised the $35,000 for a hospital, $13,000 for a well or to have done the Operation Christmas Ripples project with the children at St. Vincent de Paul without prayer!  Just this past weekend we were making a cake and all of a sudden Livvy said, “Hey, we need to pray about this!”  She was right!  We didn’t exactly know how we were going to make a baby’s first birthday cake without sugar!  But we stopped right there in the kitchen and prayed, and it came out great!

We need others who will pray for us on a regular basis.  We have a great opportunity for people who would be willing to pray for us to pray on a telephone conference call with other ministries and their prayer supporters.  As we type this, there are five set times during the workday that someone could get onto the conference call and pray for us.  The times are (Monday – Friday):  8, 9, 10 or 11 am, or 7-8 pm EST.  If prayer is something you would like to do with and for us, please fill out our contact us form and we will get you set up to be on our prayer team!  Even if you don’t become part of the prayer line, at least keep us in your personal prayers!  We really need God’s direction and leading right now.