New Well for YaYa in Niger is Being Dug

YaYa well being drilled
New well going in for YaYa village, Niger

We received these exciting pictures and this update regarding the well in Yaya, Niger where the well is being drilled by Samaritan’s Pursewith the money you all helped us raise!
Here is the update:
The activities of well digging in Yaya are still ongoing:
· Local communities are continuously providing the needed sand and gravel as their contribution
· The dug depth that is already completed and covered with concrete is five meter thus far
· All the needed amount of irons and cement for the remaining work is already available on the field, provided by SPN.
The community is elated about the prospect of the easily accessible water – life will become so much easier, especially for women and children.
Access to water for families in this area of Niger is a game changer. It allows mothers to get more done for their families during a day, it allows children to go to school rather than fetch water, it helps the entire family to be more healthy and through these things helps the family progress through the challenges of life. When families are lifted, communities are lifted. Water access can transform an entire community and that what we pray for this community. Our staff will be about the business of enabling access to water to quench thirst and Living Water from which we never thirst again.

YaYa Well with workmen in it
Workmen in the well, pouring cement walls

A few weeks ago, Samaritan’s Purse contacted us to report that the well project that we had fund-raised for, which was planned to benefit a village in Niger called Gapaly, could not go forward due to huge security issues.  Since the village is only about 50km from the Sudan border, the cost to drill the well had skyrocketed due to the need for increased security.  After some prayer, we decided to release the money we had raised to go toward another water-impoverished village.  So the above update, though now being drilled in Yaya, is still a community-transforming initiative in Niger.  When the brainstorming was going on as to what to do about the security issues, Samaritan’s Purse explained that this well in YaYa will be a game changer for the entire community, especially the roughly 1,000 children that live in the village.  We saw first-hand, the devastating effects on a child the burden of seeking water places. With our own eyes, we observed the struggle children go through to be the water-boy or girl for the family.  Their little bodies bear a huge toll lugging water several times a day, and their day is spent on this struggle, rather than being able to go to school to rise above their current circumstances.

We are so grateful to all of you for helping us with donations, kind words and following along with enthusiasm.  We will post more pictures as we get them!


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