Help us Make a Difference With Some Needy Children

File Jun 01, 10 38 12 AMDecember 1 is quickly approaching.  What’s so special about that day?  December 1, 2016 is the date that The Number One Team, Inc. and some students from Ballard High School, Eastern, Cross Academy, Portland Christian School, Home for His Glory, The Christian Educational Consortium, and Bullit County High School is throwing a Christmas Party for the children at St. Vincent de Paul.  We’ve given the children permission to invite friends and we may have as many as 120 children at the party!  The plan is to let these children make a difference in the life of a child in another country by having them pack an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox, get a picture taken and put in this box; and write a note to the child it is going to.  Then, the child will move to the next station where they will decorate two cupcakes.  One cupcake will be eaten at the party, and one cupcake they will take home to bless someone as they share the second cupcake.  At the end of the party, we have gifts and goodie bags for the children.  Livvy is working on getting some mascots to come.  We have been planning this party, making cakes to get donations and collecting supplies since the middle of April!

If you would like to be part of this with us, the first thing you can do is hit the donate button at the top of the page and make a donation online.  Right now, Eberle Orthodontics is doing a matching gift program.  So if you donate $7, it becomes $14!  Please consider donating toward this whole project!

The second thing you can do is go on facebook and find us at The Number One Team, Inc.  Right now, we are listing each individual item we still need for the party.  On the facebook page, we are listing how much of each item we still need, as well as how a person can simply donate and we will do all the rest!

Here’s the current list:

Food for the party (We need 500 cupcakes!)

TOYS TOYS TOYS especially stuffed animals
18 Soaps
231 Pairs of Socks
60 Crayons/Colored Pencils
Christmas wrapping paper & tape
donations for shipping costs for 30 more boxes (each is $7)

Thank you for following along with us and for helping!