The Well that Samaritan’s Purse is Drilling in Niger is Getting Underway!

Site where the well will be drilled in NigerWell, well, well, yesterday we told you we would give you some “Good News”. We got an update on the WELL that you all helped us raise the money to drill in Niger! So here is what Samaritan’s Purse just told us we could share with everyone… Can you imagine how exciting this is? Because of the help everyone gave when we were doing our “Water Project” this spring, we are all going to completely CHANGE an entire village! This is a huge testimony to how great God is! He cares about the dusty villager and their need for water. He helped all of us to hear Him say, “change that for these people”. We can’t wait to see pictures of the well and the villagers when they have water! This will be a beautiful Christmas gift!



                                                                                  Gapaly Well Update
Gapaly building Gapaly is a pastoral village, just on the edge of the Sahara Desert, about 760 kilometers (470 miles) from Niger’s capital city of Niamey. Gapaly is in the Agadez region and has a population of about 100 households who are mainly pastoralists living in makeshift tents. There is a church about 5 kilometers (3 miles) outside of Gapaly village. The pastor of the church has been instrumental in trying to find a water solution for the community. The Gapaly well that will be built through this project will be a blessing to the community, providing water for both the people and their animals. In the past, the community has had to move around, continually searching for water and often consuming impure and dangerous water. This new well will be an encouragement for the local believers and a testimony of the Lord’s goodness to all those in the Gapaly village.
SP men teaching villagers about the water project• SP has sought the approvals from the Department of Hydraulics in Ingall and together prepared the tender documents. Currently, SP is receiving quotes from people who are interested in excavating the well. SP will choose one of the teams and the excavation work is projected to start in September.
• In August 2016, SP will be training the community on how to manage the water source, this is very important in order to ensure sustainability of the well and also ensure compliance with the government of Niger water laws.
• Once excavations starts, it is projected that by December the well will be completed. However, this depends on the ground conditions. Often times, when the team encounters’ bed rock or hard soil, the rate of excavation reduces and this may cause delays in finishing the excavations.