Be Part of Something Bigger Than Yourself Join Us Like These Children Did

File Jun 01, 10 35 59 AM File Jun 01, 10 40 23 AMWe are constantly amazed at the way something small gets big results!  For example, we spoke at a very sweet school called Meredeth- Dunn School back in February.  We encouraged them to “be like a penny with us” and to figure out what their 1% could be to help others.  We knew they had paid attention but we were really surprised when they recently called us to come get the toys they had collected!


File Jun 01, 10 38 43 AM

All on their own, the first and second graders had decided to do a toy drive and donate them to the Christmas party we are planning for the children at St. Vincent De Paul!  See how one little thing, is blooming into something bigger?


This is why we want to incorporate packing an Operation Christmas Child Shoebox into our party we throw for the children at St. Vincents.  We want them to have the joy of giving as well as receiving.  Giving something to other or doing something for others is actually a gift we receive when we give it!



occ distribution at christian school for Burmese children

OCC SoapWhen we’ve gone to St. Vincent DePaul to be with the awesome children there, we don’t do anything special.  We just play games or draw or help them with homework.  But that little bit of time, will add up to making them friends of ours and hopefully, God is going to help the children see the world as friendly and hopeful.  Other people go and do the same thing and it all adds up.  This is why we want to give them the joy of doing something for another child somewhere else in the world who has less than they have or just needs to know someone loves them and packed a gift box for them.  This is living out our faith.  So come along with us and help!