The Water Walk Was a HUGE Success

File Apr 07, 10 15 05 AMOur gift basket fundraiser has ended and we’ve been giving the baskets to the various fundraisers.  I think that one of the most fun baskets to give was to a boy named Ben and his sister!  We don’t know when we’ve ever seen such a big smile!  Ben’s name was chosen randomly from the pile of fundraising sheets and it worked out so perfectly!  The basket is one which any boy would love and he was actually one of the few boys that entered!  He was so sweet!  He gave us a bracelet that he is hoping someone from Samaritan’s Purse will be able to give to a child in the village where the well is going to be drilled.

Tonight we will be going to the Home for His Glory co-op to give the group basket to a group of middle school students!  This is going to be super fun!  There are 25 students who collectively raised over $300!  They were the top fundraisers for the group category.    They will get to have a party at Malibu Jack’s in their party room, and Chick Fil A will be providing the food for the party.  Livvy & I will be making a cake for the party.

In all, we raised over $3,400 for the well through the donations that come in from the walk and the fundraiser gift baskets!  We had about 175 students come for the Water Walk and everyone seemed to have a really great time!  11 mascots from the Louisville League of Mascots came to the water walk too!  That was one of the best parts!  Livvy was so happy that there were so many there.  It really made the whole day so fun for everyone!

Sometimes when you are doing a big project, things come up and you think it is the worst thing that could ever happen.  That happened with our water walk.  When our first idea was to just get a milk jug and bring it to the pond to fill it there, walk a mile and raise money, this seemed like a great idea.  Then when our original location couldn’t let us have it there, even though we had already told everyone that it would be there, it seemed like everything was just getting to be too hard!  But we were so far into the project that we couldn’t turn back.  This forced us to have to pray more and trust that God was somehow going to work it all out.  This is what led us to find Malibu Jack’s and at that point, we didn’t know it yet, but God was helping us make it FUN and worthwhile.  Now, looking back and realizing that we got the point across that carrying water is hard, and that there are a lot of people in the world that don’t have life as easy as we do, but getting to do that in a super fun way was all worth it!


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