10 Year Old Jordyn Donated $4,538.59 to the Water Project!

2016-03-24 12.15.47It seems that each of our projects so far has had a student or several students who really step up and do amazing things!  The water project we are doing for Samaritan’s Purse is no different!  On March 21, 2016 we were on Great Day Live on WHAS11 to talk about World Water Day and the Water Walk which we were doing the next day.  A new friend of ours, Jordyn McNeal and her brother who we call, “Awesome Austin” came all the way from Alabama to be part of the water walk with us. We knew that Jordyn had been fundraising with lemonade stands and asking corporations for donations and things like that, but we had no idea how much money she had raised.  My mom knew, so she asked Rachel Platt from the news station if Jordyn could be on the show with us.  Click here to watch the clip.  Spoiler alert:  She donated $4,538.59!!!  Livvy and I could hardly believe our eyes or our ears when we saw the amount!

This is another way that God made our water project fun!  Having the McNeals come and spend the weekend with us, helping us make signs and put things out at the walk, going to the Popcorn station for a yummy spur of the moment field trip with us, eating at Tzaki’s (ok, not gonna lie, it’s not really MY favorite but going there with everyone was super fun) and of course, doing the walk together was just super special.  The day the McNeals were going home we made cupcakes with them so they could experience frosting them with rainbow frosting.  The whole time with them was like having cousins over.

12113379_1172788529437686_7415230122462910098_oJordyn has done some super amazing things in her 10 years of life!  She has a ministry called Faith Like a Child and she was featured by Samaritan’s Purse last year like we were.  In fact, that is how we got to know her.  Apparently her mom called our mom because they were both a little freaked out about the publicity aspect of telling our stories.  We called Jordyn when we were beginning to think about a water project to see if she had any ideas about how to make it fun.  Her first idea was a pretty crazy-good one!  She suggested we have a parade and let people decorate their cars like big water bottles!  (We might consider doing that for our next water project.  ha ha, don’t tell my mom I said that, she’s already ready to tie me up if I keep telling her about next projects when this one is not even done yet!)  Jordyn gathered and inspired 5,000 Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes last year!  You can see her story by clicking here.  We feel really honored by her hard work to help make the well a reality!