Why Water

Water We DoingWe are now really moving along on our Water: We Doing To Help Project!  We have started to speak to groups of students and some of them seem to be catching the vision that they can do at least 1 thing to help!  Our Water Bottle Change Challenge is going to be continuing until February 22, 2016, at which point we will be begin to really concentrate on the “Walk a Mile In Their Shoes” campaign.  We can really use your help for both of these!  Keep checking back to our site to see how to be involved.  Right now, we suggest you get a water bottle or jar and start to collect all your spare change, and ask others for their change too.  Just a little bit of change from each of us will make a huge change when done together!  Just click on this link to be taken to our Water Project Donation page. No matter how small the amount you donate, at least you are doing 1 thing!



Here is a video made by Samaritan’s Purse in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

File Jan 22, 4 34 01 PMWe SAW these gardens when we went in October 0f 2015!  What a wonderful crop they produced!  We talked with the garden manager and water is a really big deal in Congo!  We know that there are other places in Africa where there is literally no water.  The people have to walk many miles every day just to get water that isn’t even clean!  We have been learning hard facts, like 1000 children die every day in all parts of the world because of lack of clean water or water borne illness!  This is something we should all care about.  When we were in Congo we saw children dragging water cans down the muddy road.  We learned that many children walk at least one mile to the hospital and 1 mile home after filling a water container.  Their whole day, every day is spent on getting water.  When do they go to school?  When do they play?  We just have to do this water project!  We can’t get discouraged about it being a huge problem.  We have to just concentrate on the 1 thing we CAN do and together, we will change the world! Here is one more video that will really help you see why we love doing these projects with Samaritan’s Purse!  We don’t want to just do something good.  We want to help people find Jesus as well as change a bad situation, like their water problems!