Scarlet’s Bakery Project and an Update

WOW!  It has been a long time since we wrote anything!  Sorry!  I think we got so busy over the summer that we didn’t think about it much.  You can always go to our page on Facebook to see what we are up to.  Go to Gabe The Cake Man and we usually put something up every week or two.

So here is a quick update.  The hospital project is going GREAT!  In fact, we have seen two sets of pictures and it is pretty exciting to see things happening in a country so far away, yet the internet makes it seem like it is next door!  Samaritan’s Purse sent a photographer to our house to take pictures of us making some cakes and cupcakes about two weeks ago, because I guess the story of the hospital is going to be in their catalog!  We are super happy about that because we love it when God is getting more glory for letting us be part of this project!  Each time we think He is done, it seems that He is not!

Some of the cupcakes and a cake we made during the photoshoot

We delivered the cake to a family that has donated to both of our projects

Samaritan’s Purse photoshoot

We had been praying about what God wanted us to do next, ever since we finished raising the money for the hospital.  I started to think it would be so cool if someone would donate a bakery to us.  I still think that, actually.  My idea was that we would try to have expert bakers and chefs come and teach  homeless people, or people that needed a job, how to cook.  We would let people buy things as “donation only” and that way if someone came in and was hungry, but couldn’t pay for their food, we would just give it to them.  Maybe someone else would have paid a little bit more, and it would all even out.

One day my mom and I were talking about that idea to someone at church and the lady told me about what Scarlet’s Hope is trying to do.  They are trying to open Scarlet’s Bakery. It is a non-profit organization to help women that are coming out of the adult entertainment industry get some new job skills and make some money to get on their feet.  When I heard about this, it sounded so close to the idea I had been thinking about, I just knew this was the next thing God wanted us to do!  So Livvy and I prayed about it.  We went to visit the site of where it is going to be and talked to the people that will run it, and we decided to do our 1%.  Remember how when we were doing our project we would ask people to just do 1%?  In our case, we wanted to have a team of 100 people that would each raise $350.  But how it actually worked out was we had about 160 people donate and some were able to do 1% and some could only do a little bit.  But as you know, God raised all the money!

Scarlet’s Bakery is trying to raise $100,000!  So Livvy and I pledged to raise $1,000.  We were able to raise it pretty quickly, and we’ve been making cakes for the people that donated!  (Thank you, if you are one of them!)  But we still feel like we should help.  So now we have been encouraging others to do their 1%.  Remember, 1% is the least whole number you can contribute.  Many times people say, “It’s the least I could do,” when they do something nice.  But is it really?  Sometimes it is not even 1% because  the person could have done more.  They just didn’t want to!  Yes, it is the least, but was it the least whole effort?  We saw children who were only 3 & 4 step up and do a whole lot for the hospital project.  Campers at elementary camp gave up snack tokens and middle school students shoveled snow or went without birthday presents or Christmas presents so the money could be donated instead.  When we at least do the 1%, we make a difference!

Livvy making a cake for her Sunday School teacher who donated to the bakery project
Doing the free-hand Snoopy on the tie for the cake for Mr. Tom

Livvy doing the piping around the cake

Mr. Tom and Livvy when she presented the cake to him

We made a video about one of our cakes to explain why we think the Bakery is important.  If you’d like to see it, click the video above.  We are really hoping that others will see that they can help the Scarlet’s Hope women make a new life through the power of Jesus and the help of those of us who love Him.

Thanks for reading our latest post!  We will update soon when we have more news of the hospital!