Happy New Year! Here’s a little update

Livvy and I would like to say, “Thank You” to everyone for helping us last year!  As we think about everything that happened last year it is so amazing it almost feels like a dream!  At this time last year, we had raised 16% of the money to build the hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

My sister Abbey when she got engaged to Taylor Mason

My sister got engaged on January 4, 2014 and it was such a busy time for us!  Her wedding lead to us being on tv when we made her wedding cake; which lead to the Muhammad Ali Center finding out about our project.  That lead to us being part of their Congo14 celebration and their Humanitarian Awards.

Livvy and I both gave a speech at the 2014 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards

Livvy did a great job at giving a speech in front of the 750 guests!

When we gave a speech at the 2014 September Humanitarian awards about our project, we had raised $22,048 by then and someone in the audience heard our story and was so moved by our project, they donated the remaining $12,827!

So what has been going on since then?  We have been on tv a couple of times again.  Here is a link to one of the shows.  This one is called, The Local Traveler.  Click on The Local Traveler to watch it.  It is only 14 minutes long.  🙂

Well, we have now given two classes in cup cake decorating and cookie decorating.  We raised some money to make Shoe Boxes for Operation Christmas Child and we are getting ready to make a birthday cake – well actually, 7 full size sheet cakes for Muhammad Ali.  We are super excited because we are going to get to go back to the Bakery at Sullivan and use their big oven to make the cakes!  We love going there!  I hope to work there someday.  In fact, I would actually volunteer there if they would let me!

We taught how to make Fairy Drop Cookies and decorate them

Livvy helped teach too!

Livvy has just gotten a kitten for Christmas and I am writing a dog-training manual because I hope to get a Corgi puppy in the spring.  We are also working together with our mom to write the book about our project.  We have been investigating starting our own non-profit organization because we have more projects we would like to work on to help others.

Livvy is so happy to be a kitty-momma again!

We hope you all had a great year last year too.  Make sure you stop by our page on facebook to see what else is new.  It is Gabe The Cake Man.