So FUN to be DONE! Party with the Chick fil a Cow at Gabe The Cake Man & Livvy’s Bazaar

We are actually now OVER our goal!
Selfies with a chick fil a cow are a lot harder to get than you would think!

Our sweet friend, Robin, planned and put on a fundraising Bazaar for us.  This was planned way before we had all the donations.  In fact, we were only at about $20,000 when she started to plan it!  Once we were given the anonymous donation which completed our fundraising, we decided to make it a PARTY and a Bazaar!  In all, the Bazaar brought us to about $546 over our goal!  There were some really fun aspects of this bazaar!  First of all, the Chick fil a Cow came and was even more fun than we imagined he would be!

The organ was a huge hit with Livvy and everyone that heard it

Livvy and the cow had a lot of fun sneaking around the church together

that cow was so photogenic!