Press Conference at the Muhammad Ali Center To Announce That Gabe The Cake Man and Livvy Have Raised The Money To Build or Upgrade The Hospital

Livvy & I were the main speakers at the press conference.  We thanked everyone that helped us!

October 16, 2014 was a super fun day!  The Muhammad Ali Center invited us to have a press conference at the Ali Center to announce that we had hit our goal to raise the money we needed to build or upgrade the hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since it happened because of the generous donation from someone that heard us speak at the Humanitarian Awards at the Ali Center on September 27, 2014, they wanted to help us announce it – which was so super kind of them! We got to invite anyone we wanted to so of course, we invited the children that had helped us!

Chef Dodd from Sullivan came and spoke at the Press Conference

The Ali Center helped us to invite people like Chef Dodd from Sullivan and Denise Witt from Big Idea Media Group.  The amazing thing is that four tv news channels came!  I am going to include two of the channels here so you can see what they said about the conference.  Here is the one that WHAS 11 put up.   WDRB also put up the story on their webpage. 

Livvy did a great job speaking!  This is something neither of us loves but God sure has given us a lot of it to do for Him!

We made cake to eat to celebrate after the press conference

What we loved the most is that we got to invite the children that helped us.  Some of them couldn’t make it but Efrata, Katie, Blaise and his sisters Lyric and Kayia, Mia and Dr. Stucker’s little girl were all there with us. My best friend, Isaac came and it felt like a party at the Ali Center!  We made cake (of course) to eat afterwards.  The Ali Center put it up on their webpage and we were so happy because not only are we done, we got to give God all the glory for this once again!  It is really such a great feeling when you have done the thing that you knew God wanted you to do and you actually saw that HE IS THE ONE THAT DID IT!  I can’t really explain how happy this makes me and Livvy!

The quote says: “I always felt like I was born to do something for my people…some people have special resources inside, and when God blesses you to have more than others, you have a responsibility to use it right.”  Livvy & I agree!