Livvy Finally Met Phil Wickham!

Does anyone remember how Livvy really felt like God wanted her to talk to Phil Wickham about our project back when we started it?  Well if you don’t, here is her letter that she had written him and if you remember, we tried EVERYTHING we could think of to get it to him!

We started praying about how to get it to him around Christmas of last year.  We didn’t pray about that every day, but every little while we would ask the Lord how could we figure out how to get it to him?  Well, our friend, Denise Witt, who owns Big Idea Media Group knows someone at WJIE radio station.  Denise wrote them an email to ask if they knew how we could get it to Phil, and guess what?  They were actually at that time, planning to have him come here for a concert!  The concert was October 17, 2014 and they gave us FRONT ROW TICKETS!!  Livvy has known about this since August and has been so excited!  In fact, she could hardly go to sleep the night before the concert!  We didn’t know if she would get to meet him until the day of the concert and when she found out she was going to get to meet him, she could hardly contain herself!  Here she is meeting him…

When Livvy saw Phil Wickham coming toward her she kept saying, “oh my goodness, OH MY GOODNESS”!  She was so happy!

Us with Phil Wickham
It was actually a great feeling for her to be able to give him her letter and to say, “Our project is ALL DONE!!”  He was super nice and he said this was an encouraging story to him.  He seems to have had a hard year last year.  We learned that he had to have surgery on his vocal cords so that took a lot of faith to believe God was going to heal him!  He sounded GREAT during the concert!  We think this was a blessing just for Livvy from God! Here are videos of Livvy’s two favorite songs.  It was pretty cool…he played both of them back to back at the end of the concert.  Liv couldn’t stop smiling!  The first one is of him singing Beautiful.  That is what she talked about in her letter.  The Second one is her other favorite…The is Amazing Grace.