Gabe The Cake Man & Livvy Raised $35,000 to build a Hospital in the Congo Through Samaritan’s Purse!!

Psalm 34: 3 says, “O Magnify the Lord with me; Let us PRAISE His name together!”

This is our silent auction cake.  A $500 donation was made to the Ali Center for it.

In our last post, we were dying to tell everyone the amazing thing that God did for us at the 2014 Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards but we wanted to wait until you could all see it on our donations page!  A little while after Livvy and I gave our speech at the awards ceremony, Mr. Lessare, the CEO of the Ali Center came up to our dad and told us that there was a person in the audience that heard our speech who was so moved by our project and our words, they wanted to make a donation to our project.  They told Mr. Lessare that whatever we did not raise from the auction of our cake, they would donate to get us to $35,000!! (We had already raised $22,173 up to that point).  We were so excited we could hardly stand it! We didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, scream, run around dancing…so we did what we have done every other time something great happens (or bad happens for that matter).  We PRAYED!  My mom, dad, Livvy and I prayed and thanked the LORD for doing this great thing for us!  To some people, they might call this a coincidence.  Someone once said, “All I know is that when I pray, coincidences happen a lot more often”!  We KNOW this was no coincidence!  GOD let that person be in the audience, hear about our project and have a kind and caring heart to help us finish it!   We really wanted to meet this person but he wanted to remain anonymous so we have been praying for him to be richly blessed because of his generosity.  Yesterday he made the donation and it was SO MUCH FUN to be able to go to youth group last night and tell everyone all about it!  They had prayed for me and Livvy last week and they all wanted to hear how it went.  When we told them that we are now OVER 100% they clapped!

Livvy and I made 50 cupcakes in about an hour to bring to the youth group to celebrate with!
We are now over $35,000…and we are going to keep going because we still have our craft bazaar coming up on October 18 from 9-2 at the Woodland Baptist Church.  We are now going to have a PARTY!  We will be giving away (can you guess?)  FREE CUPCAKES!  So come join us and celebrate this wonderful thing that God has done for us!  We can’t wait to see what will happen with this hospital, clinic or upgrades that can now go forward in the Democratic Republic of Congo!
This reminded us of doing camp cupcakes!  The students loved them!