Gabe The Cake Man Baby Shower Reveal Cake

We have some friends that have been friends for so long, they seem like family.  This past week we got to be a part of a really fun baby shower!  Our friend, Jimmy Monteith and his wife, Elizabeth are expecting their first child in a couple of months.  Their mom and a couple other friends were giving them a baby shower and they asked us if we would make the cake in the color of the gender of the baby.  We told them not to tell us until right before the shower because we didn’t want to accidentally reveal what the baby was if someone asked us.  Even my mom didn’t want to know because her Gap Sisters are all friends of this family too and everyone wanted to know ahead of time!

Livvy was at the enrichment program she goes to on the day the cake needed to be made so I had to do it all by myself.  I chose to make it out of pound cake because then the cake would weigh about as much as the baby!  😉  I added blue food coloring and kept trying to think of something special to do to the cake so it wasn’t just ordinary cake.  I finally decided to add blueberries to the cake mix so it would have a surprise in it when they cut it!  I didn’t know it at the time that I did that, but the mom and dad of the baby had already been calling the baby, “Blueberry” because when they had seen him on the ultrasound he was only the size of a blueberry!

When Livvy got home from her “school”, we got to work on the frosting of the cake.  Livvy mixed all the colors and she put the raspberry filling on the middle layer of the cake.  That proved to be a challenge to get the filling to stop dripping out of the dirty-coating of frosting.  (It really isn’t dirty, that is just what it is called when you put on a crumb coat).  We frosted the crumb coat with white so that no one would get a glimpse of the color of the cake in case we had a tiny spot that didn’t get covered by the swirls.  I decided to go with a half-and-half look and not complicate it with anything else.  Their invitation had said, “Rifles or Ruffles, which will it be, come to the party so you can all see…” or something like that.  I did write a little note and put it on a piece of paper that I had burned the edges of.  That way, we could just take it off but people could still see the design of the pattern.

raspberry filling between the layers

Filling in some gaps between the swirls
Close-up of the swirls

Everyone was so happy to see that the cake was blue except one person.  The baby’s cousin, Coraline broke out in tears because she wanted the baby to be a girl!  She stopped crying when her mom explained that the baby would still be fun to play with, just because babies are fun no matter what!  Livvy and I are super excited about the baby too because these friends come for Thanksgiving and we want to hold him and play with him too!

Almost ready to cut the cake!

And it is a BOY!
Good to the last blueberry!


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