Gabe The Cake Man vs. Wild…Bear Grylls-style explanation of our hospital building Project filmed at Kosair Children’s Hospital

Hey Everybody,
Here it is…our latest video and was it ever fun to make!  We filmed it at Kosair Children’s Hospital and they helped us film and edit it!  The children in the waiting room scene are all children that have helped us with our project!  Thank you, Dr. Stucker for helping us ask if we could film it at Kosair!  You are an awesome pediatrician!  (She was even written up in the Samaritan’s Purse Bible for saving a baby’s life while she was on a mission trip with them once!)  Thank you, everyone that has been going out of your way to help!  We really appreciate it!

Thank you, Kurt and Mrs. Witt from Big Idea Media Group for making the cover photo!