Gabe The Cake Man (Sweet-ish Chef) and Livvy go to Country Lake Retreat Center for Elementary Camp for Southeast Christian Church

Four times in the month of July, Livvy and I went to Country Lake Christian Retreat Center to be missionaries for the 3rd – 5th grade Elementary Camps.  This was pretty fun!  Before the first camp we were pretty nervous because we did a skit in front of the whole group of children but it turned out to be great!  The children were great listeners!

Sweet-ish Chef and Livvy doing a skit at Elementary Camp for SECC 2014

Livvy read a “Big Faith Story” to the Sweetish Chef
Livvy and I got to pray with campers during their prayer-walk

Each time we went, we brought cupcakes that had candy Lego blocks on them.  The children got to have the cupcakes on their last day of camp at lunch time.  When the children came on the prayer-walk, we gave them each a Lego block and they built a structure that was to represent the hospital or clinic we are trying to raise money for.  Then three students prayed for the project.  One would pray for the missionaries that will be needed to go to the hospital, one prayed for the people that are sick that will go to the hospital and one prayed for the rest of the donations that we need to come in.  That was actually one of our favorite parts about doing this!  It was so fun to hear the other children praying for the project and they asked us some really awesome questions!

Week 1 of camp cupcakes – we decorated them with Lego candy

The first week we made 208 cupcakes.  We had heard that there were about 160 campers and 30 staff but then we found out that some of the leaders didn’t get any cupcakes the first week, so the next week I (Gabe) made 216 cupcakes all by myself since Livvy was AT CAMP.  Here are a few pictures of all the boxes of cake mix and eggs just from one week of camp!

I used 10 boxes of cake mix for week 2 of camp 

30 eggs to make the week 2 cupcakes!

I did it!  This is 216 cupcakes to take to camp!

where is Livvy when I need her?  Oh yeah, she is at camp!

Livvy and her best friend, Sophia going to camp as campers

It was actually pretty fun to go up to camp and meet Livvy there for week 2.  She did a great job with the skit even though she was a camper.  We didn’t stay for the worship service after doing the skit so Livvy could feel like she was just a camper.  We didn’t have her stand at the prayer station for the prayer walk either because we wanted her to stay with her group.  That seemed a little weird not having her there.  It made me realize how much we work together on this!

my best friend Isaac helped us make the cupcakes for the 3rd session

we made and decorated 270 cupcakes!

this was the most cupcakes we have ever made for a single event!

Week three was fun because my friend, Isaac helped us decorate the cupcakes.  It is always more fun when you have friends helping!  He went to camp with us that night too.    For the last session of camp, Livvy and I did another video while we were decorating 240 cupcakes.  The video we made was actually for my brother, Isaac.  You can watch that video in the blog post that is right before this one.  We made it because we thought he would be able to show it to the Governor’s Scholar Students that he is a part of right now but in the end, he didn’t get to show it.  We aren’t sure how God is going to use that video but we know it is for a reason that we made it.  For some reason it was hard to make it.  It took us about 20 tries!

The 4th session of camp went super well and the children asked really good questions when they came through on the prayer walk.  Both Livvy and I are glad we got to be part of camp this summer!  It was fun to be able to tell almost 800 children about the project and to tell them that they can do big things for God too!

Sweet-ish Chef and Livvy waiting to do their skit
Many children told us that they want to do something for God too!  Some of them are going to try to get a Samaritan’s Purse catalog and get some stuff for people.  Other children said they want to help us!  We know that there were lots and lots of snack tokens in the offering buckets!  That is so huge to give up snack because that is one of the best things that you get to do at camp!  We don’t know how much was raised yet but we will update the post when we know.