Gabe The Cake Man and Livvy give a pep talk to the Bellarmine 2014 GSP students

So this video took us many, many, many tries…like maybe 20 tries!  But we finally got it right and once we put it up on youtube, we sent our brother, Isaac the link.  Isaac is at Governor’s Scholar Program right now and he was going to try to show it to all the GSP students at their last conference together, hoping that all the students would be a Number 1 Team Member and that our story would inspire them to do big things too.  However, as it turns out, GSP does not allow anyone to talk about charity fundraising like this because almost everyone there is involved with some sort of fundraising or whatever, so it would be about 350 students all talking about their favorite charity.  We do not know why God does not want us to show it to all of them after we made it, but we are trusting that God will use it anyway and that there is some other reason that we took all the time to make it.  
PS:  Tonight is our last night of camp.  After we are all done, we will post pictures and videos.  We will try to put up some of the voice recording that we have done of the children praying for our project because that has been pretty cool too!  
Here’s a preview of the camp cupcakes for this week!