My Little Pony Cake for a Special Number One Team Member

Not every cake that we make turns out great without some problems.  Take the My Little Pony cake we made for our friend, Mia for example.  This was our first full sheet cake.  Did you know it takes SIX CAKE MIXES to make a full size sheet cake?  (That was not the problem though)

We used frosting that you buy from the cake decorating store.  This was not the usual brand that we had used before, so that could be part of the problem.  Or, it could be that we had to heat our frosting knife in hot water and maybe too much water was added, even though we shook off the water each time; or maybe it was that my dad opened the oven door to let the oven cool down quicker and it made the kitchen humid.  No matter what, this cake was very frustrating!  The piping around the top edge kept sliding off like an avalanche!  In the end, it didn’t look quite as neat as I like it to look but we ended up taking everything out of the refrigerator and putting it in a cooler or in the small fridge that we have, so we could put the cake in the fridge till we brought it to Mia’s party.  Even then, just before we cut the cake, some of the top piping slid off!  Thank goodness the cake tasted great even if the icing didn’t want to stay on!