Epic Fundraising Yard Sale for Gabe The Cake Man & Livvy’s Hospital Project

Livvy and I have a wonderful friend.  Her name is “Miss Bev” and she is like a part of our family!  When we first started our project she told us she wanted to be on our Number 1 Team (which means she wanted to raise $350).  Miss Bev doesn’t have much money so she decided to have a huge yard sale by asking people to donate whatever stuff they wanted to get rid of and we would sell it to make a donation to the hospital project.

There was some pretty great stuff donated!  In fact, we made a quick video to show everyone how much stuff was there!  Here it is:

Here are a couple of pictures of some of our favorite stuff:  (In the end, we raised almost $2,000!)

Rumble in the Jungle…got my George Foreman and my Ali punching bag
This is an epic helmet
We knew it would eventually come to this…Sponge Bob would need to save Isaac from Taylor!
This was our favorite Yard Sale Visitor!
His name is Duke and he is awesome!
Livvy decided she needed to try out this keyboard but it tired her out!