Cakes For Some Awesome Number One Team Members

Today was a super nerve racking yet fun day for me and Livvy!  Today at church we gave two cakes to Number One Team Members.  First, we gave a cake to Katie, who raised $415 by asking her family and friends to donate what they would have spent on her for Christmas!  Katie is only 12 and she went without any Christmas presents this past Christmas so she could raise money for the hospital in the Congo!
Here we are with Katie after we gave her the cake!

The next cake we gave away was to my Lift Group.  At our church we have small groups that talk about the lessons, and my group decided to be Number One Team Members together.  They raised $400 to give to the hospital building project so I made them a cake too!  Here we are after I gave them the cake.

I am going to put up a little video later of what I said when I gave them the cakes.  I am hoping that the other middle school students will decide to step up and do their 1% for God.  Livvy and I are at 28% right now.  In fact, if we just got $210 we will have raised $10,000!  Thanks, everyone for all your help and support!  Keep up the donations!  We are getting more excited about this hospital all the time!