Let’s Just Say THANK YOU!

Let me introduce you to my friend, Kenny.  Livvy and I met him and his daughter when we went to the Trinity World Outreach Center to talk to the little children.  There are many reasons why I think he is great!  First, he and his daughter came right up to me and Livvy and told us they wanted to hear our story.  It makes you feel really good when people are like that!  Secondly, he was super enthusiastic after we got done talking and even gave us a donation right then and there!  Third, he ordered a Minnie Mouse cake for his granddaughter and came to get it.  When he came to get it he was so happy and it just makes us feel great when people like the cake they get for somebody!  I decided that today I would say, “Thank You” to Kenny and to everyone at the Trinity World Outreach Center.  That church has been so helpful to me and to Livvy and has really encouraged us in this hospital building project!