Every LITTLE Bit Helps!

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite little buddies!  It is pretty amazing that they are part of a Number One Team.  In fact, they are probably the youngest Number One Team mates that we know of so far.  Here is what they did to do their part of being on a Number One Team.  Their mom made a flyer that said that they would sell cookies.  Their mom then helped them make the dough (ha ha, cookie dough, that is) and they took orders.   The two little boys then helped roll out the cookies, shape the cookies and put them on a plate.  Eli was the first one to say, “I don’t really think that this is as fun as if we just got to eat the cookies!”  They kept working on this though, even though they wanted to just eat the cookies.  One day their mom heard them giggling behind the couch.  There they were, eating some of the cookies!  They had figured out a way to sneak out some of the cookies.  I guess that this plate of cookies became their cookies.

 No matter what, I think that they did a great job, because they ended up making and selling enough cookies to donate $167 to the hospital building project!! This is actually a LOT!  Their uncle is donating the rest of the money so they can all be on the Number 1 team!  I just love it that they helped me and Livvy!  Plus, they are sooooo cute!  Thank you, Eli and Mason, I think you are ROCK STARS for helping!