An Exciting UPDATE

So, as you know, we are now in 2014.  The last day of the year was pretty fun and exciting!  We had planned a party to celebrate getting to 15% of our fundraising.  On New Year’s Eve we were amazed because we saw the fundraising go from 16% to 18% in ONE DAY!  It was so fun to keep going to our donation page and seeing the number changing!  Thank you so much, everyone, for the donations!

The party was really fun!  We made marshmallow guns and we had to hold the dog back from continually eating the marshmallows because they were everywhere!

We made a snowman game board and pom poms that looked like snowballs and we made a snowman-cupcake-making-station.

It was fun to have our friends over and my talented friend, Michael, did yo-yo tricks and a magic show!

Livvy and I can’t wait to see what happens this year with our project.  We are working on some ideas!  I have a couple of cake orders coming up too.  Keep praying for us but mostly, please pray for the people that will go to this clinic because they really need to come to know Jesus and this might be the only place they hear about Him.  I also think we should pray for the missionaries that will work there.  It is actually a very dangerous place so let’s all start to pray for them to be brave and strong Christians and for God to help them be safe when they work there.