Let’s Have a PARTY!!

Hey Everybody,
Livvy and I are almost to 13%!  (We just need $68)  We have set a goal to have a party when we hit 15%.  If those of you that have said you want to be number 1 team members could donate before New Year’s Eve, we would be OVER 15%!   If any of you like to party, then get on little doggie and donate.  (See my cowboy video on youtube if you don’t recognize that line)  Also, thank you so much to Katie Steineker.  We would love to meet you!  There have been several donations given to the project in your name for Christmas!  That was pretty cool!  (For those of you who don’t know, apparently Katie asked for her Christmas presents to be donations to the hospital project!  Click the green button and see the donations page.  It is super cool!)

Merry Christmas from me and Livvy and we hope you have a great year!  Please don’t forget to pray for us.  Don’t just pray we get the money.  Could you also start to pray for the people that will get to go to this hospital to know Jesus?  Thanks and Happy New Year!