Run Along Little Doggie and Donate

Livvy and I made another video for your viewing enjoyment.  Well actually, hopefully this will inspire some of you to donate…no matter how large or small the amount, anything will help!  Livvy thought we were doing an Old Spice video so her ending to our video is actually pretty funny!

Notice the legit coyote…oh sorry, spoiler alert!  There is a pretty funny story with the coyote.  My dad got it from a guy that had it stuffed and it was in his office.  My dad brought it home and put it on the deck. We have coyotes behind our house and we hear them sometimes.  So my dad got my grandma who lives with us to come up and he pretended to see the coyote for the first time.  Nobody knew it was a stuffed coyote.  He said, “Hey kids, look at that!  A coyote has come up on our deck!  Let’s go see it!” And he opened the door and went out.  My grandma started freaking out and yelling at him that it had rabies because why else would it be up on a deck?  Then we all realized it wasn’t moving AT ALL and my grandma was so mad she went to her apartment downstairs and wouldn’t even talk to him for a few hours.  Good thing that is his mom because she still loves him even though he does stuff like that to her!