It Was A Three WOW Day!

I know I already blogged about how cool yesterday was, but that was when the day was only half over and I had no idea that even more great stuff was going to happen yesterday!  So let me remind you about the first things…(see my post from yesterday).  Here’s a picture to remind you.  
But then, there’s MORE…remember how Livvy and I spoke to a group of little kids last week at Trinity World Outreach Center?  They were age 3 – 5th grade.  Well, apparently, yesterday they did a collection because they made a donation to our page which put us way over our 6% mark…they gave $150!!!  Here’s a couple more pictures of them.

And then it just got even better!  Livvy and I went to talk to a C-group.  There were about 20 students there.  They are juniors in high school.  As I was talking, they got a Mason jar and decided to take up a collection for us.  Before we even left they had $20 in the jar.  They also voted on it, and decided to try to raise $1000!  THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME IF THEY DID THAT!!  Some of them said that they would talk to their friends at school.  One student said he would try to post our videos on his video website.  They all prayed for us and asked God to raise the money for us!

So if you are reading this and you want to get involved, you could click the green button at the top of the blog to donate.  Or you could talk to 10 of your friends and ask them to each raise $35 and that would make you a Number One Team Member.  Definitely the best thing you can do even if you don’t donate is PRAY PRAY PRAY!