Be a Number One Team Member Because We Need Your Help!

Livvy and I made a video with Matt McGuire who is the leader of the junior high ministry at the church that we go to (Southeast Christian Church).  In fact, you might be visiting my blog because you saw the video.  I am really hoping, and Livvy and I have even started praying that more people will begin to realize that this hospital is only going to be built if everyone does their 1%.  Many people have told me that they would love to be on the number 1 team, but I don’t see action, although, many people have already made a plan on how they will do it; and some people have been busy but will start when they are not. Some of you just cannot be on the number 1 team and if that is the case, then maybe you could be one of the people that donates to the number 1 team mates. If you can’t donate or join the number 1 team, then there is still a very import thing that you can do, you can continually pray for this project.

I am going to put up some pictures of the cakes Livvy and I have just made.  It took us all day to make these but it was worth it when we saw how happy the people were when they picked them up.  You could do something for people too.  Some of the things you might try are to dust and wash windows for your grandma.  You could have a bake sale.  You could have a lemonade stand.  You could ask your parents and relatives if they would like to donate.  You could make something and sell it.  Any little bit will help.