Hitting 4% in the Hospital Building Fundraiser

On Sunday, October 27, 2013 my sister and I went to The Refuge in Mt. Washington, KY so that we could tell them about our vision to build a clinic.  Even though the teens did not have much, they donated $235!  This was actually very amazing.  Some of the teenagers had been in car accidents and one of them gave us $20 and that was all that he had!  I think that is very amazing because he had been in a car accident so this was all he had but he gave all he had to people that have nothing at all!

I thought that the public speaking was going to be horrible.  It turns out that I lived through it!  What I liked most was the end – not just because it was over (I did like that it was over but there is a better part).  It was great because afterwards people came up to me and told me that this was helping their faith!  One guy said that he wants to go to start clinics and hospitals and he was thinking about changing his major from pre-medical classes to something else.  Then after he heard our speech he decided that God was telling him to not switch majors.  This kind of reminded me of Jonah and the Whale.  Who knows, maybe he will go work at this hospital when he is all finished with school!  He said that he doesn’t really want to work at a missions hospital but he thinks God really wants him to do it and so he is going to stick with it so he is saying, “yes” to God!  It is so cool how it all works out!  I went there to see if they would help me…but in the end, this sort-of helped them!  I didn’t expect that it was going to go like that!

Thanks to The Refuge and another anonymous person, we are at 4%!  I have to make a Sponge Bob cake for Halloween and some Kaluha Mousse for a couple of people so hopefully I can soon say we are at 5%!  Oh yeah, Livvy and I did dog sitting this weekend and I am hoping that gives us some more money to add to the total too.  We decided that making cookies is a lot easier than dog sitting!  But it was a nice dog and we took her on walks so that was ok.