Help Me Raise Funds To Build A Clinic

About a week ago a “Samaritans Purse” catalog came in the mail. My mom asked me if I wanted to use my tithe money to get something in it. When I said, “yes” we looked and found something affordable that my little sister, Livvy and I could get. We found 1 chicken. I asked her if I could ask my family if they would like to help us get something a little bit more helpful and longer lasting. We found a goat for $70.00; however, my family said that they had already tithed their money so I would have to wait. I went on to some other family members like my cousin, Jessica. She said that in about 2 weeks she would have some money and with the help from her and my sister, we got the goat! I was not really that satisfied with that because it was not a challenge and didn’t take much faith.

 I looked back into the catalog and found something a little bit more expensive and helpful…medical supplies for $150. It said in the description that it would help pay for a baby incubator or an IV pump. I decided to do a cake auction (sort-of) and sale to help raise the money! I have now put up some pictures on my facebook page (Gabe The Cake Man) with the three things that I will make and I am hoping that people will be super generous in donating if I make them one of these options.

So now I have thought that the $150 dollars was a little bit cheaper than what I might be able to handle, so I have looked again and saw a water purifier and pump for $10,000!! I realized that it was God who is telling me I can collect more than what I think I can, so I went a little bit higher (actually a lot higher)  I talked to my friends at the Lego Robotics club I am in and they all agree.   I’m now saving for a missions hospital ($35,000.00) and Samaritan’s Purse would build it in Africa. It will be equipped with MANY baby incubators and IV pumps, so if anybody would like to have a cake for a donation, (or just plain donate 😉 ) then I could use all the help I can get.  I really think that we could all do this together!

PS: please be generous with donations 🙂 (you can contact me through my facebook page)


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  1. Gabe, I am so excited to see you doing this. What incredible leap of faith for you and your family. What a testimony you will have and the lives you will touch with your selflessness. So proud of you!

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