My favorite pizza

I am beginning to be a cook and one of my favorite things to cook is a pizza recipe that I made up myself!  

Here it is:
 2 freezer rolls for each person
 Ragu sauce (or any other pizza sauce )
 shredded cheese (I like to use cheddar)
put any toppings you like (my mom likes vegetables on it)   bake at 400 degrees for about 10 – 15 minutes.

 Heres how I got the idea.  One day I was making rolls with my mom (and a bunch of other things.)   I nibbled on a piece of dough and said, “This tastes like pizza dough!” so I decided to make a personal pizza and thus the recipe was born!  So first I stretched out one of the thawed out pieces of dough and made it into a small pizza.   On another day, I stuffed the pizza sauce and pepperoni into the dough and baked it.  It also had cheese in it.  This is actually called a “Stromboli”.  My dad likes the pizza better than the Stromboli.    My grandma likes the Stromboli.  My mom really wants me to start making mine with vegetables like she does but I am not too big on vegetables.  Pizza sauce is made of tomatoes so at least that is a start!


3 thoughts on “My favorite pizza

  1. GABE!!!!!!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Did you know that I have one to? You can view it if you go to this website:

    Really good job creating this! Did anyone help you? When I get home in December will you make me your famous pizza? I'm sorry that we didn't get to make it when I was home! As you can see, I am going to follow your blog (look to the right and you will see what I am talking about). So every time that you post something new I well see it! I love you so much Gabe and miss you a ton!


  2. Hi Gabe! This is Dad.
    I like your blog. Your so smart. The picture makes me want a salad but a pizza would be great also. Where are the fake meats like pepperoni?

    "Gabe Saves The Day", I like your computer name. I can think of lots of days when you saved the day. Remember when we caught the duck? That duck sailed into the side of the house . . . POW! We brought it into the garage to see if we could help it but it revived and flew around and around the garage chasing you as you were screaming. Funny, very funny.

    Hey, I love you buddy, Dad

  3. Gabe, I think you are amazing! I love it that you are trying to cook some healthy stuff! Now, if we could just work on the EATING the healthy stuff part!

    I love you, Gaber!

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