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From Cupcakes to the Congo

Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Gabe and I am 17 years old. These days most people call me “Gabe the Cake Man” because of my love for cake decorating and because my sister and I completed a project to renovate a hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo by making cakes for people who donated to the project to thank them for getting involved.

In October 2013, my sister Livvy who was 9, got the mail and before taking it to our grandmother who lives with us, looked through the Samaritan’s Purse catalog that had come to our grandmother. In years before this, “Gram”, as we call her, would make Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with us. But on that year, Livvy and I saw that we could get twelve chickens for a poor family for $14. We decided to make cupcakes and offer them for donations toward the chickens during our neighborhood yard sale. We ended up raising $35 at the yard sale!

We then looked in the catalog and decided to see if we could raise another $35 to get to $70 for a goat. This time we asked our cousins if anyone would donate. Within a day we had all the money for the goat. This was working out so well, we decided to go for $150 for medical supplies instead of stopping with the goat. Livvy and I decided I should put up a message on my facebook page that I would make a cake for anyone who would donate. The next day, after talking it over we told our mom that we knew we could get the $150. Since we knew that we would be able to accomplish the goal, it didn’t take any faith in God to make it happen. We told her we were undecided as to whether we should trust God to help us raise $10,000 for a water purifier or for $35,000 for a hospital building project. As you probably noticed with the first paragraph, we settled on going for the hospital project.

Within the first few days of announcing our goal on Facebook, we had received enough cake orders to have $350! It was at that point that Livvy and I knew God was going to help us do this! By New Year’s Eve of 2013, we had raised 15% because many children had stepped up to help us. Livvy and I had come up with what we call “The Number One Team”, which was a team of 100 people we were trying to inspire to raise 1% of the project ($350).  Over the course of the next 11.5 months, we spoke to thousands of students and adults, made over 100 cakes and 2,000 cupcakes and successfully raised the needed $35,000 to completely renovate the maternity ward in Nyankunde, Democratic Republic of Congo.

In 2015, my sister and I traveled with Samaritan’s Purse (the organization that did the work on the hospital) and we met the first babies born in the new facility.  In fact, the very first delivery was an emergency C-section in the new operating room which has electricity and running water thanks to the renovations!  The mother of the baby girl had lost three babies prior to coming to the hospital and she was so grateful to have a healthy baby, she named her Gabriella after me.  Although this is humbling and flattering at the same time, we realize that all of this has shown the glory of God because, without Him and His help, we could not have accomplished this!

Browse through our blog to read about the many projects we have done since our first one.  We hope this will inspire you to try to use whatever gift and or talent you have to glorify God and help others as well!

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