Walk A Mile In Their Shoes Water Walk March 22, 2016

People Walking in CongoWALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES WATER WALK  on March 22, 2016 at 4pm – 6pm. It will be held at Malibu Jack’s at 12101 Sycamore Station Place, Louisville, KY, 40299 (in the old Hoops Building across the street from Xscape Theater and Main Event Bowling).  All ages welcome! You can come any time during the 4-6pm time frame.  Do the walk at your own pace.

When we were in Congo we saw little children carrying water jugs.  It was at least a 1 mile walk just to get to the hospital to fill their jug for their family.  We want to invite everyone to participate in our World Water Day WALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES WATER WALK on March 22, 2016.  Bring a milk jug filled with water.  We will be doing our water walk in a portion of the parking lot at Malibu Jack’s.    We will carry our jug for one mile as we walk three times around the designated route in the parking lot and then end up by doing two laps inside on the GoKart track!  (There will be signs which are going to be provided by Scheller’s Cycling and Fitness.  THANK YOU!)  Rain or shine we will do the walk. If it rains, Malibu Jack’s will let us do the walk inside on their GoKart track!  And for small children, their walk will be on the GoKart track no matter what!  We want to let everyone experience what it is like for children in other countries! Children do this walk every day of their lives, (not in such a fun way, though!  See our post about the actual village that will get the water project well!)  Many of them can’t go to school because they are the water-boy or girl for their family!  Our water project is going to benefit a village in Niger, Africa that has NO WATER.  Please help us change this for this village!  Come walk with us!  Do your 1%.

Water Walk Flier with sponsorsHere is the flyer with all the information you need.  Here is the Pledge Form too.  TRY to raise $130.  This seems like a big goal, but it is 1% of the project.  It would take asking 10 people to pledge $13 each.  Even if you don’t make the goal, anything you accomplish is going to help make a lot of change!  Even if you do this as a group or a family, please participate.  (FILL OUT OUR FORM ONLINE so we know who you are and we can celebrate that you are trying to make a change for the people who need our help!)    Fundraising is completely optional…  The deadline to get fundraising forms/money in is April 1.  We now have four categories of fundraisers.  They are 0-12 years old; 13-20 years old; Family and one fundraiser’s sponsor form will be chosen at random.  There will be a gift basket given to the top fundraiser in each of these four categories.  There is also a very exciting category!  It is a special category for groups.  If you get a group of your friends together and fundraise, or your office fundraises or your team or school fundraises, and your group raises the most in the group category, Chick Fil A at Middletown Commons is going to throw your group a party and provide Chick Fil A food for that party!  Gabe The Cake Man is going to make a cake for that party!  And we are all going to celebrate your group effort! (There are few little details about that, such as your group must raise a minimum of $250 toward the well and you can have up to 25 people in your group.)

IMG_4297Something super FUN will be that the Chick Fil A COWS are going to come walk the walk with us!  PURPme’s (People Uplifting Real People) mascot, Purpin The Urchin is coming and Dot from WAY-FM!  Come out and get your picture taken with your favorite mascot!  We just recently found out that Frische’s Big Boy is also coming!  It just keeps getting better and better!  The Louisville League of Mascots is even trying to get other mascots to come!

3/12/16 Anyone who participates in the Water Walk at Malibu Jack’s on 3/22/16 will receive a card loaded with one free attraction,  a certificate for a free trial class at All About Kids and a free ice cream cone from the Middletown Dairy Queen!

The companies that have provided wonderful prizes for the gift baskets are:  Chick Fil A, Malibu Jack’s, The Muhammad Ali Center, Papa John’s Pizza, Xscape Theater, The Louisville Water Company, Eberle Orthodontics, Roppels Auto Repair Service, and for the very top individual fundraiser, Jennifer Lawrence has donated a signed poster of her latest Hunger Games Movie!



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